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“All of the staff members are fantastic, the atmosphere is relaxing and for the first time in my adult life, I don’t mind going to the dentist. Dr. Jaya is top notch and uses cutting edge technology to make the visit painless and time efficient.” Linda S.

“Ther is the very best in Dentistry, being a person who was also reluctant to go to the dentist out of fear. I discovered ther practice who displayed nothing but professionalism and genuine care to all their patients.” Necole Lindsay

“Anyone who truly knows me knows I have a fear of the dentist thanks to a certain dentist. My phobia was bad until GOD sent my friend Maria McClure who encouraged me to try her dental office and I’m glad I did. Magical Smiles dental office. Dr. Jaya was gentle and had mannerisms like no other dentist I’ve ever been to. She is the bomb.com If you want a great experience I recommend them. Thank You!!!” Shannon Davis